Lung health checks

1 November 2023

Lung checks for our patients will be commencing in December for our patients who have a history of smoking. The screening will be run by our healthcare partners from the Inhealth team. The screening will involve an initial call and you may also be invited for a scan at Inhealth’s mobile screening sites such as the unit based at Asda car park.

Those who need a scan will receive their results by letter and if a follow-up is needed, the team will contact you to talk to you about what the next steps are. In the majority of cases, no further action is needed. If your lungs are fine, you will be offered another health check in two years to see whether anything has changed.

If you have ever smoked and are aged between 55 and 74 years you should receive an invitation letter from Inhealth as well as a text from ourselves, to help you book.

You can find out more about lung health screening by going to the following website